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MB Connecto / Citybus 628 DLC



1. Emergency lights
2. Lifting the bus
3. ASR on/off
4. Exterior lights
5. Passengers lights
6. Driver’s light
7. Horn
8. Wipers
9. Turn signals / high beam
10. Adjusting driver’s column
11. Ignition switch
12. Display switch (upper and lower)
13. Door all button (setvar)
14. Kneeling
15. Gearbox buttons
16. Front door lock button (setvar)
17. Door release by passenger (setvar)
18. Electric brake
19. Door buttons

Dashboard (side)


20. Switching air vents
21. Driver’s cabin temperature control
22. Adjusting the power of air vents in the driver's cabin
23. Driver’s cabin air conditioning
24. Internal air circulation
25. Automatic temperature control in the passenger area
26. Defrosting
27. Auxiliary heating
28. Heating mirrors and windows
29. Roof air vent mode auto/manual
30. Roof hatches open / close
31. Parking brake
32. Emergency release of electric brake
33. Emergency power off

Dashboard (top)

image-1606818365050.png34. Radio on/off

Starting bus

Ignition switch to position 1 (Button No.11)
Wait some seconds
Start engine (ignition to position 2) (Button No.11)
Press the brake lightly
Click gearbox button (No.15)
Release the parking brake (No.31)



1. Number 1 / changing the ticket zone
2. Number 2 / blockade of validators
3. Number 3 / turn on/off ibis
4. Number 4 / setting line without route
5. Number 5
6. Number 6
7. Correction of next busstop (backward)
8. Start route (not obligatory)
9. Correction of next busstop (forwardward)
10. Cancel
11. Play announcement
12. Number 7 / setting line with route
13. Number 8
14. Number 9 / Play announcement
15. Dallas key (use to log in to ibis)
16. Request to talk to the dispatcher (not used)
17. Incident announce (not used)
18. Volume of announcement
19. Menu
20. Ticketprinter
21. Sending report (not used)
22. Number 0 / ibis logout (click 3 times)
23. Enter

Turning on ibis

Click on button No.3
Wait several seconds
When on display is „Provide ID?” click button No.15
Put PIN: 3296
Click Enter (No.23)
Wait several seconds
When on display is date & time can be set line/terminus/route

Setting line with route

Click Number 7 (No.12)
Put line numer ; click enter
Put route numer ; click enter
Put day type (is not used, can be 0) ; click enter
Set negative or not (negative of displaying linenumer) by arrows No.7, No.9 ; click enter
Choose departure/check route by arrows No.7,No.9 ; click enter

Setting line without route

Click Number 4 (No.4)
Put Line number ; click enter
Put Terminus number ; click enter
Set negative or not (negative of displaying line numer) by arrows No.7, No.9 ; click enter
Put route numer (is not obligatory) ; click enter
Set with or without route ; click enter



1. „B1” Ticket No.1 (with „F” Ticket No.6)
2. „B1” Ticket No.2 (with „F” Ticket No.7)
3. „B1” Ticket No.3 (with „F” Ticket No.8)
4. „B1” Ticket No.4 (with „F” Ticket No.9)
5. „B1” Ticket No.5 (with „F” Ticket No.10)
6. „F” Function (changing range of tickets)
7. „C” Cancel

Selling ticket

Click button B1, B2, B3, B4 or B5 dependly of need.
(for ticket from No.6 to No.10 firstly click button F
and then B1-B5)
Ticket will be print
When ticket is printed click on ticket
Ticket will be move to passenger sale area
Passenger pickup the ticket