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MAN Lion's City Pack

This page is for the A21 (3-door), A23 (4-door) and A78 from the MAN Lion's City Pack for our company


1 tachometer
2 tachograph
3 baseline driver's display
4 indicator left
4 turn signal on the right
5 fuel level
6 engine temperature
7 barometric pressure, 1st circle
8 barometric pressure, 2nd circle
9 indicator lights
10a outside temperature
10b daily and total kilometer counter
11a Outdoor light selection
11b gear selection
12 retarder on / off
13 ASR on / off
14 heating windscreen
15 hazard warning lights
16a, 16b lighting passenger compartment
16c lighting cab
17 parking heater (Webasto)
18 engine room fire
19 Kneeling on / off
20 fans passenger compartment
21 front door lock
22 Opening (top) / closing (bottom) of all doors
23 door release
24a, 24b, 24c door control: 1, 2, 3