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MAN Lion's Coach

Dashboard layout

1. 1st door
2. 2nd door
3. Bus stop brake
4. Door lock
5. Passenger area displays switch
6. Entertainment system main switch
7. Dummy functions
8. Reverse gear camera switch

1. Announcements switch
2. Main interior lights
3. Reading lights
4. Night lights
5. Engine ignition
6. Retarder lever (button – on/off // lever - +/- , use mouse for the lever!)
7. AC switch
8. AC regulation knobs

1. Fuel gauge
2. Engine temperature gauge
3. Pressure tank 1 gauge
4. Pressure tank 2 gauge
5. Left screen – internal temperature and mileage
6. Right screen – time and external temperature

1. Cruise control activation
2. Cruise control previous speed
3. Cruise control off
4. Cruise control decrease speed
5. Cruise control increase speed

1. ASR off switch
2. Bus suspension regulation (UP and DOWN // requires parking brake and neutral gear!)
3. Hazard lights
4. Kneeling function (the bus kneels when the bus stop brake is active and one of the doors is opened)
5. External lights rotary switch

1. Steering wheel regulation switch (requires parking brake and neutral gear! // use mouse on the wheel itself to adjust it)
2. Steering wheel regulation reset switch (requires the previous function to be active // click and hold to move the steering wheel to the neutral position)
3. Mirror heating switch
4. Windshield heating switch
5. Driver’s light
6. Power window regulation switch
7. Sunblind regulation switch

How to start the bus?

1. Turn on the electrics (default: “E” or use your mouse on the key)
2. Insert the card in the tachometer. It is located under the door switches. A simple click will do.
3. Wait for the glow plugs to heat up (heating up is indicated by a symbol lighting up on the main panel, between the gauges)
4. Start the engine (Default: “M” or use the switch)
5. If the air pressure is too low, wait for a bit, you might as well rev the engine for a while.
6. Deactivate the parking brake.
7. Fasten your seatbelt by clicking on the buckle on the upper left side of the driver’s seat! You can unbuckle it by pressing the button on the lower right side of the driver.
8. Put on the 1st gear and you’re ready to go!

Known issues

1. The mirrors may lag a bit, because the rearview camera requires a huge radius to render correctly. If you want them to work smoothly, you can delete the last [add_camera_reflexion_2] entry in the *.bus file, but you won’t be able to use the rearview camera.
2. In MAN Lion’s Coach L, the camera sometimes doesn’t render the body of the bus. This is a limitation of the game, and unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about it
3. If you’re experiencing lagging, try to decrease the size of some of the textures, especially interior.tga. Remember though to maintain dimensions ratio and use size that is a square of two (2048, 1024, 512, etc.)
4. On steep inclines you might experience some lagging of the engine. I recommend turning off ASR and changing gears at higher RPM, and you should be fine.
5. If you’re having trouble with putting the bus in gear, meaning that when you engage the 1st gear and the symbol on the main display flashes for a brief moment and then immediately turns to neutral again you need to go to “Inputs/gamectrler.cfg” and check if any other steering wheel aside from yours is activated. Just look for a "1" under the name and change it to “0”.