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Scania Citywide GN14


To start the bus you need to press "E" to increment the position of the key. Press "M" to decrement.

Position 0: Remove key

Position 1: Insert key / shut off electrics

Position 2: Start electrics / stop engine

Position 3: Ignition on

Position 4: Start engine, hold "E"


If the engine is on high idle speed due to cold temperature or activated by the high idle switch, start with caution. Due to the high RPM the torque converter is very strong on idle speed. It is recommended that you wait until the RPM reaches the normal state.

Door control

All three doors are manually controllable. The third door can be controlled automatically as well.

Third door manual: Door clearance switch, ( - ) key on the numpad

Third door automatic: 20h-switch, Roll-Key on the keyboard

1         Status indicators

2         Driver's information display

3         Display control and brightness selector (+/-)

4         Engine high idle speed switch

5         (Quit-key. Doesn't exist anymore)

6         Menu management buttons

            Navigate with the arrow keys

            i-button to show main menu

            Right arrow to confirm a selection

7         Manual kneeling

8         Reject kneeling

9         Increase/decrease height of the bus

            Modes will be successively switched

10       Door wing lock

11       Door clearance for third door

            This activates automatic door operation

12       Gear selectors

13       Stop request reset

14       Door buttons

            Third door button controls third door manually

1         Driver's cab lighting

2         Cabin lights

            Seperate control for trailer and front end. High and low mode selectable

3         Climate control

            Sets temperature automatically to 20 °C

4         Disable traction control

5         Lights check

            Press again to disable

6         Articulation overbend protection override

7         Fuel heating (No function)

8         Foglights control

9         Windscreen washing

10       Light switch

11       Hazard lights

1         Temp control for driver's cab

2         Air fan control for driver's cab

3         Air flow control for driver's cab

4         Door heater

5         Dehumidifier

6         Pre-heating

            Only on stopped engine

7         Floor heater on entry

8         Dashboard unclamp (No function)

9         Microphone switch

10       Alarm LAT (No function)

11       Switch key for video surveillance monitor (No function)

12       Reset for door emergency handle

            After pulling a door emergency handle you need to pull it again and then press this button to repressurize the door

13       Parking brake

14       Rooflights control unit

15       Outside door lighting

16       Automatic hazard light mode

17       Mirror heater

Driver's Information Display

The driver's information display can be controlled with the display page change switch (3) and the arrow keys (6). When driving you can only use the page change switch (3). It can cancel messages and shows pressure and fuel status. The arrow keys can only be used when standing still, engine stopped and ignition switched on. Press "i" to call the main menu. With the arrow keys you can select a menu.

Up: Recall warnings

Down: Open settings

Left: Exit menu or go back

Right: Show status pages or confirm a selection


C - Cancel/Exit

Arrow up - Next bus stop

Arrow down - previous bus stop

Enter - Confirm

F - Open menu


After starting the electrics you need to enter your ID and PIN code.

ID: 9691

PIN: 1805