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Solaris PL Megapack

IBIS is missing fonts


You need to install the fonts from Jelcz Citybus pack also:

Operating instructions

Instructions on how to operate the IBIS, can be seen on this video starting from 1:57. Yes the bus in the video is Jelcz, but uses the same IBIS, only thing different is PIN which is 1234


PIN: 1234

Known bugs \ FAQ \ New bindings

(or that, what you think are bugs)
-To turn on beam lights you have to press twice L, to turn off we use shift+L
-To turn full beam lights permanently you have to hold F button
-Fog lights can be turned only with mouse and you have to pull up/down switch
-To insert key into ignition, press E, to start engine keep pressing E till it starts, to turn off engine and pull out key keep pressing M
-Button for opening driver doors form outside need to be held till doors will open
-Urbino 15 can sometimes struggle to start moving
-Exhaust gases fly out from bottom even if we have chosen [setvar] with exhaust on roof
-Manual retarder binding: retarder_wiecej i retarder_mniej
-SU15 when placed on map can dive in the ground (just start electricity to fix it)
-With FAP and ACTIA dashboard one switch turn on all lights and the other one turn off one which is closest to driver
-Yes, you can start driving with bus stop brake in Euro 5 and Euro 4
-Emergency door opening doesn’t work and won’t work
-You have to use brake to insert a gear otherwise gear won’t enter (also keep low rpm)
-On startup engine is on choke which will affect in waving rpm’s. Choke will turn off above 30 degree of coolant
-To change registration plate you have to paint it on 03 texture
-Time before closing doors can be changed in doors constfile in script_xx_moki folders
-Multidisplay mode can be changed with pressing button near that display or you can add keyboard binding: licznik
-Second daily mileage start counting from first time choosing it (kinda bug)
-Kneeling sometimes can bug and won’t stand up automatically so you have to do it manually by pressing kneeling button up
-Doors sometimes will bounce, it is Auto reverse system