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MAN Lion's City A21/A37 (V3D)

General operation

Once your bus has loaded you can go ahead and press 'E' to turn on the
electrics and then 'M' to start the engine. Engage first gear by pressing 'D',
remember to press down on the foot-brake first or it won't engage. Most other
controls are standard or as mapped on your particular installation but further
information can be found by referring to your OMSI2 manual.

Once you're moving I'm sure you'd like to pick up some passengers but for
realism there a few things you might like to check out first.

Depending on the time of day and year you should set the air conditioning to
either auto for cooling or fan for gentle heating. The Spheros controller is
located above your head and provides you with cabin temperature display. Be
sure to keep an eye on it so your customers don't complain.

You'll need to light the passenger saloon, keys 8 and 9 should work by
default, but you can also use the buttons on the dashboard.

Doors can be operated by pressing minus for the front and F12 for the rear if
required (These doors operate automatically when passengers want to
leave). Remember to turn on the bus-stop brake first or the doors won't work.
Use the Backspace key or the button on the dashboard with H in a circle.

Please note that certain buttons are obscured by the steering wheel, click the
steering column with the mouse and the wheel will vanish. Click once again to
bring it back.

To start your first route you'll need to set the display on the iBIS controller,
also located above your head. First click Line and enter 07600 (Using
Grundorf route 76 as the journey) and click Enter. Next you need the journey
number. Click Route and enter either 1 or 2 depending on your direction and
once again click enter. You should see the information on your matrix display
now and passengers will want to hopefully board your bus.


Known issues

  • No outer dirt layer
  • Dashboard gear notifier is difficult to see when side/head-lights on in day or off at night
  • Dashboard gear selector dial doesn't work
  • Indicator / windscreen washer stalk has no interaction.
  • No disabled ramp
  • AI use is memory hungry and no 'lite' version for them has been created as yet