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Iveco Crossway LE

IBIS Codes

Fahrernummer: 6924
Pin: 5173

Dashboard buttons

1: toggle display: Switches the central display by, for example, Ads such as the current supply pressure o.Ä. show.
2: Interior light: Level 1: Half light / Level 2: Full light
3: Driver's seat light: unlike most buses, in the Iveco the lamp above the driver's area does not turn on when the parking light is active. For manually activating the driver's workplace lighting, the symbol with the steering wheel is clicked, for illuminating the area when the door is opened, the switch must be at the door position.
4: hazard warning lights
5: ASR
6: Retarder
7: Engine start / stop: With the Iveco it is regulated so that the starting process can be completed either completely exclusively by means of the ignition lock, alternatively also as soon as the ignition was activated over the lock the engine can be turned on or off even with this key.
8: Rotary light switch
9: stop brake
10: Kneeling: Bus descends to the door side as soon as the button is pressed and one of the doors is opened. As soon as the door is closed, the vehicle will return to normal.
11: Lifting the Carriage: Raise the car body by a few inches.
13: School driving switch: If this is activated, the hazard warning lights will light up. These are switched off by pressing the button again, or alternatively the indicator is set to the left.
14: Gear selection button. Sets the gear. To change gear, the service brake must be completely passed through.
15: Door switch. Opens according to the inscription corresponding door.
16: Combination lever: Sets indicator, windscreen wiper, horn or similar.

1: Electric front blind. Depending on the tilting direction of the button, the electric front blind is raised or lowered.
2: fans
3: roof hatch front
4: roof hatch rear
5: Spring brake valve: releases the parking brake

Heating panel

The heating control takes place here as follows.
The heating control unit is switched on with the button (1).
With (2) the auxiliary heating could be activated.
(3) activates the circulating air.
With (4) and (5) the blower level is set. The fan cools the bus down a bit. (Does not have the effect of air conditioning!)
Use (6) and (7) to set a temperature between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius, to which the bus heats up if the temperature is below the set number of degrees.
In the fast bus variant, the bus is cooled down to the temperature, in the normal lack of air conditioning not.
Attention: Blower and heater can not run at the same time!

Ticket printer / IBIS

As a ticket printer, as mentioned, the Almex Optima CL is installed.
Most features of the printer are self-explanatory, so here's just the essentials.
The registration takes place with the following data:

Fahrernummer: 6924
Pin: 5173

The line input is in the following format:

Line number: 07600
Journey number (= route): 01/02 etc.
(Example here is the line 76 from Grundorf, but I think it's self-explanatory.)
Points of interest can be selected by clicking in the various menus.
A destination input (ziel) is not possible, you need to use the OMSI Alt destination tool.