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Some interesting info

General info

If map has content for example for rail and street module, but I only own street module, how will...

Multiplayer: Can't join the game - This game doesn't belong to your group error.


You are stuck in your previous group/game, you need to leave it by clicking here: and then leave...

Double trailers in ETS 2

Double Trailers

This image originates from Promods but should also apply to base gameHCT doubles (the longes ones...



How to install in multiplayer:   Enabling fo...

Installing Trucksbook manager / logger


Log in Navigate to homepage on on the right there is a section called TrucksBook client. Click...

Things to know


Trip types There are 2 kinds of trips in TrucksBook: Real trips -  If you do not exceed the ...

Solaris Electric Family

Buses Solaris

Sometimes the game bugs out and you can't get the bus to move. In that case you need to de-spawn ...

BCS / CCS Depot map

Other addons & stuff

Volvo 7700A FL

Buses Volvo

Original readme included with the bus download! Performance This is quite a complex addon...

Volvo 7700 FL

Buses Volvo

1- Driver air flow temperature2- Driver airflow direction3- Blow-in output (3.1 internal circui...

Repainting tutorial


Make the repaint and save it to .bmp file With photoshop use save settings OS/2 if it asks...

Performance tips

Tutorials & help

General information In difference to most other games, the newest and most powerful graphics car...

NVidia RTX Voice - Install (all Nvidia cards) & usage


Original source of this post:

Ikarus EAG 395

Buses Ikarus

The bus was never fully released so there are few bugs, like:- There is no ticket printer and cas...

MAN Lion's City A21 Bus-train (Münich)

Buses MAN

All following info originates from the original manual You can view the full manual here: ht...