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Repainting tutorial

  1. Make the repaint and save it to .bmp file

With photoshop use save settings OS/2 if it asks
NB! Incase of MAN LC DL, have the alpha file with the same name as your .bmp but replace the end with _alpha.bmp

  1. Launch LOTUS Content Tool

  2. Import the texture, by doing the following:
    a) Click Standalone textures
    b) Select your .bmp file (if you had _alpha.bmp in the same folder, it will also be automatically imported and linke to this texture)
    c) Uncheck Visible in Map Editor
    d) Set the selection to Single
    e) Click on Save & Pack

  3. Click on Mods
    a) Select Texture Change
    b) Open the container you want to edit or proceed to c) if new file.
    c) Set the Name of the repaint, select Object class of the vehicle/object you want to edit & then select the vehicle/object from Base Object
    d) Now in Texture Changes section, click on Add
    e) Select the Original texture you want to replace
    f) Select the New texture you imported in step 3

    I recommend ticking Show only my or my team's textures

    g) Repeat d) - f) for every texture you want to replace


    h) Click on the bars icon next to File name and select Save & Pack