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Installing DXVK from the source

Many of you problably have heard or even tried the OMSI DXVK (or Performance Fix) on S and found it to improve your OMSI performance but most have abandoned it because it caused issues (like world stops loading, especially at night). However what many don't know is that the versions listed in Steam Community or OMSI Webdisk are out of date. It is actually being updated regularly by the linux community as it's the foundation of what allows to run Windows games on Linux.

I've found that using the later versions seems fine ish. It has issues sometimes with night where the map stops loading, if that happens you have to remove it, sometimes restart of the game doesn't help.

Install instructions

  1. Download the .tar.gz file from the github
  2. Open it (I reccomend using 7-zip)
  3. In it you'll find .tar file, open that one also by double-clicking
  4. Now navigate to folder dxvk-version\x32
  5. Open your OMSI 2 folder and copy the d3d9.dll file to OMSI 2 folder. If it asks to overwrite, say yes! - should only happen if you have any versions installed before