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Iveco Crossway LE

Buses Iveco

IBIS Codes Fahrernummer: 6924Pin: 5173 Dashboard buttons 1: toggle display: Switches the cen...

Scania Citywide GN14

Buses Scania

Startup To start the bus you need to press "E" to increment the position of the key. Press "M" t...

Custom keyboard configuration (suitable for 3-4 door buses etc)

Other addons & stuff

Door bindings  Open/close all doors door_allOpen/close first door (or incase of MAN SD buses and...

Black textures? Destination display has double lines?

Bugs & issues

Do you encounter either of these bugs? Parts of your bus has black textures Destination displa...

MAN Lion's Coach

Buses MAN

Dashboard layout 1. 1st door2. 2nd door3. Bus stop brake4. Door lock5. Passenger area displays...

Jelcz 120M

Buses Jelcz

  1. Opening the first half of the first door2. Emergency power switch3. Handbrake4. Tachome...

Jelcz M125M & M185M

Buses Jelcz

Operating instructions Instructions on how to operate this bus, can be seen on this video starti...

MAN Lion's City A21/A37 (V3D)

Buses MAN

General operation Once your bus has loaded you can go ahead and press 'E' to turn on theelectric...

MAN Lion's City A20 (V3D)

Buses MAN

Getting started To start the bus press E to enable the electrics and then hold M to start the en...

IBIS Codes

Maps Fikcyjny Szczecin

Solaris PL Megapack

Buses Solaris

IBIS is missing fonts You need to install the fonts from Jelcz Citybus pack also:https://cloud...

List of detailed information about lines and what buses to use

Maps Fikcyjny Szczecin

Line codes

Maps Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated

Original map

Map of the city

Maps Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated

Map of night lines

Maps Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated

Map of day lines

Maps Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated

MAN Lion's City Pack

Buses MAN

This page is for the A21 (3-door), A23 (4-door) and A78 from the MAN Lion's City Pack for our com...

MB Citaro

Buses Mercedes-Benz

Dashboard 1 heating control panel for the driver (explanation below)2 Mirror heating (function...

MB Citaro Facelift

Buses Mercedes-Benz

OPERATING THE BUS All information concerning the function of each button along with certain var...

What buses to use on what lines?

Maps Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated

19 - 29: 12m bus recommended, it's a quiet line.>20: at least 15m/18m bus recommended, it is a...