Other addons & stuff

Custom keyboard configuration

Custom keyboard configuration (suitable for 3-4 door buses etc)

Door bindings 

Open/close all doors door_all
Open/close first door (or incase of MAN SD buses and some other first door first part) bus_doorfront0
Open/close second door (or incase of MAN SD buses and some other first door second part) bus_doorfront1
Open/close third door bus_doorfront2
Open/close fourth door bus_doorfront3

Custom keyboard configuration

Here you can download Gameburrow's custom keyboard configuration that has ll these keys mapped:

Changes from default:
Shift + Num 0: Open/close all doors
Shift + Num 1 - Num 4: Open close 1 - 4 doors
Shift + Num Enter: Station Brake
K / Shift + K - Kneeling toggle (for some buses just pressing K toggles/untoggles, for some you need to press K to toggle and Shift + K to untoggle, for some this bind doesn't work at all)

BCS / CCS Depot map


Gameburrow's OMSI 2 settings

Here are my settings. I'd say these are the maximum you can have in OMSI engine, no matter how high end your computer is.

If it's still lagging, you need to reduce:

OMSI depends mostly on CPU, RAM and Disk speeds. CPU and RAM are running on 32bit limits thus it can't use more than 4GB of memory.