MAN Lion's City A20 (V3D)

Getting started

To start the bus press E to enable the electrics and then hold M to start the engine. It won’t
start if the gearbox is in any other gear apart from neutral (The display will notify you). Either
press D or rotate the gear selector to ‘drive’ (With brake pedal pressed) and release the
handbrake on your left hand side (Or with . ) To open and close the doors press - for the front
and = for the rear. The stop-brake is not required in this add-on for the doors to operate.

NB. Take a look at the dashboard guide (Below) to help you navigate the various buttons.

Using the ticket machine

It’s very easy use without programming any timetabled journeys. If you are at a stop and
front door is open you will be shown the ticket menu by default. Choose an appropriate ticket
and print!

If you wish to see the next stops on your journey then simply program in your route and
journey information from the main menu using the LINE/COURSE (eg. 07600) and ROUTE
(eg. 1) options. Automatic announcements will only play if you are running to timetable.

A LAWO information display is installed in the saloon and will echo the next stops on your
timetabled journey.

Dashboard Guide