Solaris Electric Family

Sometimes the game bugs out and you can't get the bus to move. In that case you need to de-spawn the bus and spawn in again through the OMSI ingame menu (you won't get any penalty in BCS for this)

Solaris PL Megapack

IBIS is missing fonts


You need to install the fonts from Jelcz Citybus pack also:

Operating instructions

Instructions on how to operate the IBIS, can be seen on this video starting from 1:57. Yes the bus in the video is Jelcz, but uses the same IBIS, only thing different is PIN which is 1234


PIN: 1234

Known bugs \ FAQ \ New bindings

(or that, what you think are bugs)
-To turn on beam lights you have to press twice L, to turn off we use shift+L
-To turn full beam lights permanently you have to hold F button
-Fog lights can be turned only with mouse and you have to pull up/down switch
-To insert key into ignition, press E, to start engine keep pressing E till it starts, to turn off engine and pull out key keep pressing M
-Button for opening driver doors form outside need to be held till doors will open
-Urbino 15 can sometimes struggle to start moving
-Exhaust gases fly out from bottom even if we have chosen [setvar] with exhaust on roof
-Manual retarder binding: retarder_wiecej i retarder_mniej
-SU15 when placed on map can dive in the ground (just start electricity to fix it)
-With FAP and ACTIA dashboard one switch turn on all lights and the other one turn off one which is closest to driver
-Yes, you can start driving with bus stop brake in Euro 5 and Euro 4
-Emergency door opening doesn’t work and won’t work
-You have to use brake to insert a gear otherwise gear won’t enter (also keep low rpm)
-On startup engine is on choke which will affect in waving rpm’s. Choke will turn off above 30 degree of coolant
-To change registration plate you have to paint it on 03 texture
-Time before closing doors can be changed in doors constfile in script_xx_moki folders
-Multidisplay mode can be changed with pressing button near that display or you can add keyboard binding: licznik
-Second daily mileage start counting from first time choosing it (kinda bug)
-Kneeling sometimes can bug and won’t stand up automatically so you have to do it manually by pressing kneeling button up
-Doors sometimes will bounce, it is Auto reverse system